SX Supplement Fall 2019 update

Rimmer deVries
Wed, 06 Nov 2019 09:59:17 PST
I have received 16 requests and these are packed for shipment.  
many requests offered donating $2 per packet to the PBS.  that would be nice!

most of the seeds are spoken for except for the following:

7. Cyrtanthus elatus x C montanus   OP seed harvested Oct 2019 ( last week) (one lot left)

Rain lilies 
there were lots of request for the rain lilies and some packets had a lot of seed so they were portioned out in healthy pinches
 the following are still available 

11. Zephranthes reginea ex NARGS 2014-15
12.  Z. ‘Pink Beauty’ - ex Ina C (Past BX)
13. Z. macrosiphon ‘John Fellows’ -ex Ina C (Past BX)
14. Z. macrosiphon ex Ina C (Past BX)
14. Z. katheriana rubrum ex Ina C  BX 358
16. Habranthus magnoi( mix ex SX3 and Telos)
17. H.  martinezii  (Pink tubispathus) 

Rimmer de Vries
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