white amaryllis belladonna?

David Pilling david@davidpilling.com
Mon, 14 Oct 2019 17:45:58 PDT

Missing attachment from Kathleen's post below, is available from the 
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On 14/10/2019 23:37, Kathleen Sayce wrote:
> Here is a mystery bulb to ponder. See attached.
> White flower, lovely trumpet, very like Amaryllis belladonna or a husky nerine, 5 stamens, 2 filaments, one stigma, 6 petals, one slightly smaller than the rest on the bottom.
> Flowering for the first time ever, started just a few days ago, about 14 inches tall. No sign of leaves so far.
> While I grow several selections of A. belladonna, they are all variations on pink, and are in other places in the garden, 20-40 ft from this bulb.
> Any comments on identity much appreciated.

David Pilling
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