Calochortus from seed - planting box and nursery pot questions

Jim Barton
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 16:52:21 PDT
I have had great success with C. catalinae and others planting them in 4" plastic pots filled with cactus mix. Fill the pot almost full scatter up to 40 seeds per pot and cover with 1/8"- 3/16" of cactus mix. Here west of Modesto I set the pots outside for the season 01 Nov and water them. If the rains don't keep them moist, water to keep moist not wet. I feel they should be exposed to full spectrum solar radiation and the wind, it helps reduce damping off. When they begin to yellow next spring stop the water to dry out the soil. Once the leaves are brown you can store them in a dry place all summer. NO SUMMER WATER. Next fall dump out the pots and move the bulbs up to larger pots. 5 bulbs per 1 gallon pot. This is where I like cactus mix, it is very lose and easy to separate the small bulbs. I have had C. catalinae bloom the second spring. I like to let the bulbs bloom in pots once to check the ID, seeds give you surprises, and then I move them to a permanent spot in the ground.
Jim Barton
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