Bulb Sharing Quandry

David Sheehy dbsheehy@gmail.com
Wed, 23 Oct 2019 14:20:33 PDT
Hello all,

I have a bulb sharing quandry that I'd like to get some
feedback/suggestions on.

A couple of years ago I bought a bag of Moraea lurida bulblets from the
Berkeley Botanical Garden. The good news is I repotted them this year and
they have multiplied like crazy, more than I have space to keep. So,
rather than throw them away I'd like to offer the excess up to other
enthusiasts. Herein lies the rub. I don't think they're actually M. lurida.
The ones that bloomed look like M. tripetala and one was colored like the
"tripetala" but has a completely different form.

Now, should I just describe them as Moraea spp. that looks like tripetala
and not supply a solid identification? And are people going to interested
in acquiring Moraea bulbs that are unidentified?

When I originally bought these bulbs the BBG was selling bags of M. lurida,
M. villosa, and M. tripetala so it's possible that bag I bought was
mis-labeled and they actually are M. tripetala.

So, what to do?

BTW, that bulbs are all potted up for this season so I wouldn't be sharing
any until next summer/fall at which time (given how well they've done so
far) they will require even more space that I don't want to dedicate to

I've attached a couple of pics of each flower form. In one of the pics you
will be able to clearly see the label identifying the species of Moraea.

Dave Sheehy

P.S. I'm a new member, just joined yesterday and if you couldn't tell
already I like Moreaes. ;-)
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