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Dear Uli, 

	I hope to be appointed the next BX Director (my preference would be
BSX Coordinator) and appreciate your comments. I have plans to address
all of the points you raise but do not want to invest the time in
writing up an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) until I hear back
from PBS concerning my offer to volunteer for the job. I believe the
current system is a good one and I personally would not favor a
wholesale restructuring of the exchange. However, I think the exchange
we have can be improved by increasing organization, accountability,
and communication. I believe all these can all be done by 'tweaking'
the current system. 


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Subject: [pbs] BX restructuring

Dear Jane, dear All 

 Here is my reply to Jane‘s questions, replies written between the
questions. I want to say that for me the seed and bulb exchange is the
major reason to be a paid member.

 1.1. Do you participate in the BX frequently, occasionally, or never?


 2.2. If you never participate, why not?

 3.3. If you do participate, what problems, if any, have you had with
the BX?

 The time difference between the USA and Europe has often had the
effect that I applied too late for the rare seeds. By the time I could
read the offer, they were already gone. I do not know how to solve
this, something like an offer-order delay would help, is this

 On the other hand my last year’s donations appeared so late that I
felt very frustrated having invested so much time and effort to send
the seed in time for sowing. Also this late summer I sent in bulbils
that needed planting which have not yet been offered. My posting of
seeds afterwards this autumn was relatively late because I am so busy.

 Another point: I like to write comments or information on the items I
donated and added them when I informed the BX director that a donation
is under way. They were mostly not included when my seeds or bulbs
appeared in the forum. I recently changed that. Now the comments and
information are posted when my seed is being offered. I understood
that it is extra work to store my email and think of it in due course.

 4.4. Do you obtain bulbs, seeds, or both from the BX?

 Mostly seeds, occasionally very small bulbs like bulbils. Big bulbs
will not pass customs in Europe. 

 5.5. Do you pay your BX shipping charges promptly upon receiving the 

 Yes, always, and always with a note of thank you.

 6.6. If you donate to the BX, at what time(s) of year do you send

 For perishable seeds or bulbs I send them when available. But my last
main donations were for autumn sowing (northern hemisphere) because I
now live in a Mediterranean climate where most bulbs are winter
growing. But I also sent a lot of summer growing seeds and some small
bulbs. All these were sent in time for sowing or planting but can also
be stored. With these items it is not so much the length of storage
time that matters but the right time to sow them.

 7.7. If the BX occurred at a few specific times of year, what times 
 would best suit your needs?
 For seeds that can be stored one distribution in spring and another
one in autumn. For perishable seeds or bulbs the current procedure or
a suitable alternative is necessary.

 8.8. Do you donate plant material to the BX that cannot be held in 
 storage for more than a week or two? If so, what kind of material?
 Not recently. I wish I had these plants.....

 9.9. If you specialize in plants that cannot be held in storage, are
 willing to exchange them directly with other members rather than
 through the BX?
 Yes, I would be happy to do so. In the past I sent material to
members after private correspondence. But not very often. 

 10.10. Do you think that donors should have priority in having their 
 orders filled? If not, why not?
 Yes, I think donors should be rewarded in a way. Personally I would
prefer a certain priority in ordering rather than a reduction in
postage fees. I quote the Alpine Garden Society again which demands a
minimum of donations to qualify as a donor who then has some priority.
This should not go as far as to discourage non donors from ordering
but should be looked at as an incentive to collect and share seeds and
or bulbs. This often is only a matter of thinking of it. I have also
been in the position not being able to donate and only being on the
receiving end, not only with the PBS. Everybody has started at some
point. And we as PBS can help others to have a good start with good
plants. It should be made very clear that ordering is possible and
welcome without donations.

 I agree with the policy that only paid members should be able to
order from the BX or SX. But I would not mind leftover seeds being
offered to non paid members as an incentive to join the PBS. This
would be extra workload and needs attention to detail so it may not be
an issue right now. But on the other hand I was surprised on several
occasions how much left over seed (including my donations) was still
on offer in the big SX lists in the past.

 Happy to discuss more about it, bye for now 


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