Amaryllis belladonna

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 10 Oct 2019 08:57:02 PDT
Our Mendocino coast has massive flowers every year in places where they 
get no summer rainfall and no watering either. The best flowering is 
almost always where they are growing in full sun.

I have them planted all over my garden (from earlier times before I 
realized that my garden was too shady) and the ones that flower the most 
reliably are ones that get the most light. Ones in the shade have never 
flowered. We had better rainfall this past spring than we have had in a 
number of years and there were a few that flowered this year that hadn't 
in a long time, but others that flowered last year that did not flower 
this year. A friend was thrilled when hers flowered this year after 
skipping a few years and when I asked, I learned that a neighbor had cut 
down a tree so the bulbs were now getting much more light.

Mary Sue

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