white Amaryllis

Kathleen Sayce kathleen.sayce@gmail.com
Wed, 16 Oct 2019 08:26:28 PDT
If I am reading Wylie’s comments correctly, white flowered Amaryllis belladonna do appear from time to time in populations of pink. Which is about the only way this could have happened in my yard. I went back through my records, and did not buy or plant white flowered xAmarygia, the likeliest alternative. As the garden bed it grows in is half shade, it is not where I would have planted a sun loving bulb. May move this bulb to a sunnier place. 

The throats of these flowers have little to no yellow in them, though I have seen only two flowers so far, and today the precipitation is half way to strafing. I might not have any more flowers to view this year.  

Many thanks to all for providing information to help decide what this bulb might be. 

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