Amaryllis belladonna flowering

David Pilling
Wed, 09 Oct 2019 10:08:36 PDT

I had a pot of Amaryllis belladonna whose contents had become too large, 
so towards the end of Summer I tipped it out and split up the bulbs. 
Probably 30 decent sized ones.

Four of them I sent to someone and at least one of them then flowered.

The others I re-potted, including leaving the central group of bulbs intact.

None of the ones I kept have flowered.

I have the idea that whether a bulb flowers or not is predetermined, 
there's a flower in there which will come out regardless - which seems 
to hold with things like daffodils. That one could do a ultrasound scan 
of the bulb and see the flower in there.

Or there's the idea that whether the bulbs flower depends on the 
preceding season, or maybe the dormant season.

My "experiment" seems to show that flowering depends on the last couple 
of weeks of dormancy, how the dormant season ends.

There was no difference in how I treated my bulbs and the ones I sent 
away. I kept them all in the same media and shipped them in it.

If you want your Amaryllis belladonna to flower send them to someone else.

David Pilling
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