Seed imports to Europe

Wylie Young via pbs
Fri, 18 Oct 2019 05:16:22 PDT
Several years ago I wanted to buy some Gladiolus seeds from South Africa. I went to my local Agricultural person (in the Azores) who dealt with imports to check on the regulations and was told a Phyto certificate would be needed for any seeds, including daylily seeds from the US. The SA people bought seeds from small farmers, so it was impossible to provide a phyto certificate.  My sister tried sending some vegetable seeds to me once, and it was rejected by Customs. I have been buying seeds from places like, where the seeds are already in the EU, and letting them deal with the regulations and permits. When the olive tree problem hit and hundreds of plants were prohibited, I had already gone self-sustaining on my daylilies and hybridizing them (I have 7 registered with the AHS). I am just surprised that seed importation was allowed.
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