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Jane McGary
Sun, 27 Oct 2019 16:23:03 PDT
One of the changes to the BX/SX I have suggested is posting a surplus 
seeds list once or twice a year, which members can order for the cost of 
postage, and non-members for some small cost.

It wouldn't be good to send extra seeds at random, since some people 
could not grow them because they have no frost-free facility. In 
addition, some would recognize them as plants they already have (more 
than) enough of, and would throw them away. Believe me, after handling 
the NARGS surplus seed distribution for a couple of years, I'm well 
acquainted with what can end up there. However, as David Pilling 
remarked, some very good things remain there, probably because nobody 
knew how good they are. I was really annoyed to find some of my own bulb 
seed donations in the leftovers! Now I choose to send the "special" bulb 
seeds to PBS.

Jane McGary

On 10/27/2019 3:31 PM, Cynthia Mueller wrote:
> In reply to this, in some cases perhaps extra “bonus” seeds could be included with the paid orders.  Members could be urged to grow these out, and pass them along to others, if necessary, to further increase their interest in bulbs.
> Cynthia W Mueller
>> On Oct 27, 2019, at 5:03 PM, David Pilling <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Some seed exchanges have an organised surplus for which one can apply. Through these I have got seed which I did not think I was worthy to have, and made a success of it.
>> Point being that the surplus does often contain good varieties of seed.
>> -- 
>> David Pilling
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