New regulation on seed imports into Europe

Erik Van Lennep
Fri, 18 Oct 2019 09:39:06 PDT
Thanks, Michael.

As Joyce said, *" it is time to light a fire under your NPPO

*Please contact them (again, if necessary) and let them know that it
iscrucial for them to make their wishes for a modification of the
*known to the Commission... soon. Very soon"*

In which case, this link might be helpful. It's the UN Food and Agriculture
Organization, List of NPPOs of IPPC Contracting parties
<…>, and it lists the
office, the officer in charge, and the email for contact.


On Fri, 18 Oct 2019 at 17:22, <> wrote:

> Sorry, one more note. I think it would be useful to share the exact info
> that Joyce sent to me regarding the situation. It's below. It gives a bit
> more detail on how the communications on this issue could work within the
> EU: She says we need the country "national plant protection organization"
> representatives to contact the EU and tell them about the need for the
> exception.
> It sounds like input from non-EU countries is also relevant, so if you're
> outside the EU but worried about the impact of this on plant societies and
> suppliers, it's a good idea to have your country regulators ping the EU
> about it.
> Also, note that it's the US plant regulators who flagged this issue for the
> EU and notified Joyce. This is a direct result of the work Joyce and others
> have been doing to create a working relationship with the US federal
> regulators. That's been a long, unknown, and pretty much thankless task for
> Joyce; if you ever get a chance to chat with her, please tell her thanks.
> =====
> I just spoke with our representative from APHIS-PPQ who had discussions
> with
> the European Commission earlier this month.  He brought up the subject of
> the new requirement for a phytosanitary certificates to accompany all seeds
> entering any country within the European Union, and requested some kind of
> exemption for small lots of seed.
> Apparently this was news to the EC, as they had not heard from anyone else
> that the regulation (to take effect on December 14) would produce any sort
> of hardships.
> So, if you have been contacting your country's national plant protection
> organization (NPPO), it would seem that your NPPO representative has not
> made any contact with the Commission.
> Since the Commission said that they would consider a derogation for small
> lots of seed if they also heard from other countries (especially those
> within the EU), it is time to light a fire under your NPPO representatives.
> Please contact them (again, if necessary) and let them know that it is
> crucial for them to make their wishes for a modification of the regulation
> known to the Commission... soon. Very soon.
> APHIS-PPQ is about to send a formal letter (as requested by the EC) stating
> the facts around the need for this exemption.
> I will be helping by sending every bit of information I can muster: who
> would be harmed by the requirement for PCs, what further effects would be
> felt in agriculture, horticulture, environment; how the same results can be
> obtained through a permit, rather than a PC; additional benefits to the
> from the data gathered via permits.
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