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Chad Cox
Wed, 23 Oct 2019 12:19:07 PDT

Hello all here my answers to Janes questions:

1.1. Do you participate in the BX frequently, occasionally, or never?


2.2. If you never participate, why not?

3.3. If you do participate, what problems, if any, have you had with the BX?

I have had very few problems.

4.4. Do you obtain bulbs, seeds, or both from the BX?


5.5. Do you pay your BX shipping charges promptly upon receiving materials?

Yes immediately 

6.6. If you donate to the BX, at what time(s) of year do you send items?

Whenever I have the time to dig things up. This tends to be more in the summer for me.

7.7. If the BX occurred at a few specific times of year, what times
would best suit your 

Spring and late summer/early fall

8.8. Do you donate plant material to the BX that cannot be held in
storage for more than a week or two? If so, what kind of material?

Not usually 

9.9. If you specialize in plants that cannot be held in storage, are you
willing to exchange them directly with other members rather than going
through the BX?

10.10. Do you think that donors should have priority in having their
orders filled? If not, why not?

Yes that makes sense.

Chad in Elverta CA. Zone 7-8ish

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Chad L. Cox, Ph.D.
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