Allium hyalinum

Rimmer deVries
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 09:48:57 PDT
I started it in a frame in dry sand in Michigan and it did not like it dry but did not seem to mind the coldframe was frozen and soil thermometer read 15F in frame. i think some survived winters in unprotected sand beds. But it does not like to completely dry out in summer. 

Nhu said It grows on seeps in the Calif mtns so i put is in sand next to the drain on the south side of the house by the blacktop paved driveway. So it is in a warm area. I like to start things in  micro climates. 

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> Fred Biasella wrote:
> ?Hi Rimmer,
> Very pretty but is it cold hardy at all and do you have it in a "sheltered" spot?
> Thanks,
> Fred
> A California native from BX 286 that does well in damp sand by my downspout in Kentucky
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