Sprouting Lilium bulbs

Paul Machado farmerguys08@gmail.com
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 18:21:22 PDT
Hi Leo, I grow many lilium here in the central valley of California where
are temperatures at times get to 110 degrees in the summer. I do have alot
of mine in pots under my shade house which helps with the direct sun issue.
I have a very hard time raising Orientals because it just gets too hot
outside unless I grow them in the commercial greenhouse where it is cooler
inside. Also, the dry air temps do not help here as I am sure with you we
have very low humidity here in the summer. I will sometimes water under my
benches to help with the humidity. Ones planted in the field, since it is
so hot, will fade in a day or so. Seedling that I want to get a true color
of definitely need to be under shade of in the greenhouse. BTW, I get of
fair number of my lilies from Faraway Flowers Auction and Sales on
Facebook. Ramona sells excellent quality bulbs both fall and spring. I got
my last shipment today! She acquires them from all over and they are nice
sized bulbs at very reasonable prices. Also there is Judith Freeman at
http://www.thelilygarden.com/ which sells both spring and fall lily bulbs online. I
hope this information helps you out some!
All the best,
Paul Machado

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