Indoor Grower Brand New to Bulbs

Green Thumb via pbs
Wed, 29 Apr 2020 11:32:54 PDT
I've been growing plants for many years but have never grown any kind of
bulb before. Recently I discovered that there are many interesting plants
that grow from bulbs that I had no idea even existed. I live in Northern NJ
and do not have a yard or much outdoor space at all so most of my growing
is done indoors, under lights. I haven't been able to find much about
growing bulbs indoors and after asking around found some that I think I may
have a good shot at.

My order will arrive in June and consists of I. viridiflora, O. gracilis,
O. palmifrons, O. versicolor, O. obtusa, and M. villosa.

Is anyone growing bulbs indoors or has some specific advice for the above
listed plants? What I seem to be unable to find is what depth to plant the
various bulbs and if they will do well without much temperature variation.

Any hints, tips, or other species that would do well would be much
appreciated. I'm sure as I learn more, I will have even more questions.
Thank you in advance.
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