Archibald 227.900

Jane McGary
Tue, 14 Apr 2020 12:46:47 PDT
A pot of bulbs grown from JJA 227.900 is flowering for the first time in 
my bulb house. Apparently I didn't have a name when I made its permanent 
label some years ago, because it has just the number. I looked up this 
collection on the invaluable list posted on the Scottish Rock Garden 
Society website, and found it identified as Bellevalia longipes. It 
definitely isn't that, so somewhere along the line to the seeds arriving 
here there was a confusion. The plants in flower are extremely short, 
with congested spikes of dark blue, expanded flowers; I think it's 
something in the former genus Scilla. Does anyone else have plants with 
that collector's number, and if so, were they B. longipes or something 
else; and if something else, have you identified it?

I'm going into the Flora of Turkey now to see if I can key it out -- 
only hoping it comes from there.

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon

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