Can my subscription be changed (was Donations Request...)

David Pilling via pbs
Sat, 18 Apr 2020 13:54:45 PDT

On 18/04/2020 19:11, Lisa Haas via pbs wrote:
> Can my subscription be changed to digest only? Having trouble getting
> through the emails several times a day.

Yes, done. I'm always happy to help subscribers.

My private email address is

List subscribers can change things themselves, visit this page:

enter your email address, you'll then be asked for your password, if you 
don't recall it, you can then ask for a reminder before getting to your 

There are lots of things to twiddle.

The other option to digests is to keep control of your emails by setting 
up folder routing on your email client. That means sending all PBS 
emails to a folder where you can look at them at your leisure.

The big plus is that the same technique can be used for your other emails.

David Pilling
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