red lily beetles

Matt Mattus
Sun, 12 Apr 2020 08:01:04 PDT
I agree with Roy, as I live about 20 miles west of his garden - for the past 5 years we've had fewer and fewer lily beetles, although last year I had a few more (maybe 50 or so, and mostly on Frits and the martagons) our infestations have been nothing like that in the past. I also grow about 100 lilies I am guessing.

Matt Mattus
40 miles west of Boston.

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    Very few lily beetles here last year, less than ten. We think this is 
    attributable to the parasitic wasps that have been released in this area 
    by researchers at the University of Rhode Island.
    One more plant for the menu: the beetles also snack on some 
    polygonatums, especially the ones with skinny leaves, but they do not 
    lay eggs on them. The nasty larvae only show up on the lilies and frits.
    NW of Boston
    Last frost of the year tonight?
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