Allium cernuum id.

Brian Whyer via pbs
Wed, 29 Apr 2020 08:55:46 PDT
I have a clump of Alliums labelled Allium cernuum Nargs 101 1/15 (January 2015)This was in a pot originally but has been in my garden 2-3 years or so. Last year it flowered with typical nodding umbels of pink flowers, but from recollection in 2 separate flowerings, maybe a month or two apart, and different height ?. Last year we had a long hot summer, so not typical of UK weather. I removed most of one of these flowerings seed heads but I think the rest scattered around and many have germinated this year giving small white round bulbs.The clump itself appears to have 2 leaf forms the larger bulbs with wider leaves, maybe up to 10mm wide, the smaller bulbs maybe just half that. Same cross section, more or less same colour. The bulbs are almost all red flushed and the same "club" shape. I have lifted the clump and tried to separate them but size apart they look the same. Soil heavy stony chalky clay.My question is do I have a mix of species/varieties, of of different age, and are multi
 ple flowerings not unusual?Thank you.
Brian Whyer, SE UK (very mild wet Jan-Mar, very warm dry April, this year)
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