rain lilies repotting

Luminita vollmer luminita.vollmer@gmail.com
Tue, 07 Apr 2020 05:38:34 PDT
I am in zone 4-5, Minnesota, and love my rainlilies. They literally bloom
everytime it rains.

I plant mine in the garden, they love my regular garden area. I take them
out in the fall, and separate the smaller bulbs from the larger ones. I
store them in my crawl space, in large containers with wood shavings.

The 2-3 years old bulbs get fairly large, like an apricot, and they bloom
profusely. The smaller ones I plant independently, in a row, like garlic.
I have so many, I give them away to people that come to visit my garden, a
fistfull at a time.

When I run out of space in the garden, I plant them in large containers,
close together. Hundreds together in 3 foot long containers. I line the
containers in the sun, along the fence. They don't do well in
the containers compared to those in the garden, even though it is the same
soil, they grow some, and rarely bloom. I can't get myself to throw them
away. Eventually they find their way to being planted in the garden. Then
they grow large and bloom a lot. I started with probably half a dozen
bulbs, now I have thousands.

A lot of work in the spring to plant each bulb and in the fall to dig,
clean, cut the roots that get quite long ( 10-12 in) dry in the sun, and
store. But what don't we do for our plants?

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