Fritillaria affinis 'Wayne Roderick'

Jane McGary via pbs
Tue, 21 Apr 2020 10:51:50 PDT
Fritillaria affinis 'Wayne Roderick' is a triploid of wild origin 
formerly known as var. tristulis. It was given me many years ago by 
David Hale, who got it from Wayne, the famous grower who found it. While 
selling surplus bulbs from my collection, I offered it several times, 
and I passed on stock to Mark Akimoff of Illahe Rare Bulbs. Sadly, both 
Mark and I have lost it, I believe through rotting caused by a very wet 
winter a couple of years ago. David no longer has it, either. So I'm 
asking here if anyone who got it from me still has it, and if so, 
whether you would be willing to send back a few "rice grain" bulblets, 
which it produces in good quantity. I'm happy to exchange or pay for it. 
I kick myself for leaving a flourishing colony of it in the ground at my 
former home, because I had such a good number to move in pots -- 
subsequently lost to a misjudged placement that turned out to harbor 
stagnant groundwater. Mark and I both still have the "Nicasio Reservoir" 
triploid, but it's not as handsome.

Please write to me privately if you still have this clone, and if 
there's something I might have that you're seeking.

Best wishes, Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

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