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Smart and Final is a quasi-restaurant supply store. They also sells quart jars of minced garlic packed in water or oil, dried garlic granules and dried diced onions. I don't think they are in all 50 US states, but they are definitely in California and Arizona.

Two summers ago I bought a mesh net sleeve of 5 garlic heads at the supermarket. All I could find had come from China. Given the choice between non-organic garlic and no garlic I will always choose to eat the garlic. I don't believe there exists inorganic garlic; even the active smell ingredients contain carbon.

I held onto the garlics in their sexy little pink mesh stocking until late September, divided them into cloves and planted them into a bed watered year-round. I leave them there and dig up a clump as needed. They remain good through the summer, though leafless. They return in fall when it cools down enough for them to feel comfortable. Through their growing season I use their leaves like chives (as I do in summer with the leaves of Chinese garlic chives, the only Allium enjoying our summer heat. It is an invasive species in some climates.) As a bonus, this garlic variety, after flowering, produces innumerable tiny garlicules instead of carpules. These survive in the house over the summer and can be planted the next fall.

If there is any interest, I will send some of these garlicules to Luminita for the BX after my plants flower this spring. Let me know.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA
Zone 9?

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