Allium cernuum id.

Rick Rodich via pbs
Wed, 29 Apr 2020 17:48:58 PDT
NARGS seed 101 Allium cernuum in the 2015 list shows there was more than
3 donors for that seed lot.  I see a lot of variability in the wild with
Allium stellatum (very closely related).  Even within the same
population, say, a 30m x 30m area, it's not uncommon for me to find
completely mature dried seed heads and other umbels on other plants still
in peak flowering.  With seed potentially coming from all over the USA, I
don't see a month plus difference in flowering time unusual.  Also, note
that Allium stellatum is often mistakenly identified as Allium cernuum. 
Obviously, the two species mixed in the same seed lot would add to the
variability.  I don't have any comment on your morphology observations,
but I would say the height and bloom time differences seem within the
species variability.
  But, if your plants are actually flowering twice in one season, I've
never heard of that.

Rick Rodich
Minnesota (USA), where Allium cernuum is rare-ish, but Allium stellatum
is common.

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