New book "Flora of the Mediterranean"

Jane McGary
Fri, 10 Apr 2020 17:37:24 PDT
I went ahead and ordered the Gardners' book when I saw it on Amazon for 
only $40. It surprised me that a large-format, full-color book of more 
than 400 pages would sell for such a low price. Now that I see it, one 
reason is apparent. The paper stock is not coated (i.e., matte surface, 
not glossy), and as is typical with this kind of production, the photos 
do not appear as clear and sharp as they would on coated stock. They're 
still good, but this is disappointing when one considers what they would 
look like in a more expensive format.

The text would be helpful for gardeners who want some basic information 
on growing conditions in different parts of the world with a 
"Mediterranean" climate pattern. The plants illustrated include many 
geophytes but also most other types. Some good photos of habitat are 
included. This is not a field guide and would not be a reference for 
identifying plants (there are a number of good books for that).

Jane McGary, Portland, Oregon, USA

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