Spanish bluebells

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Fri, 24 Apr 2020 15:33:36 PDT
The issue of what plants are poisonous to which animals has been discussed a while back.
Some animals just don't have an issue with the toxin.
Think giving chocolate to a dog or onions to a horse.
Slug gladly eat my Colchicums which contain a toxin Colchicine.…

ArnoldNew Jersey

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If the plants and flowers are poisonous why are the deer who keep
eating our flowers and some leaves so healthy and keep returning for
more? They do spread nicely on the Pacific coast in Brookings OR.

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 Frankly, if I had a spare meadow, I'd encourage Spanish bluebells to
take it over. It would be a splendid sight!

 Dell, in WV, zone indeterminate, these days.

 On Friday, April 24, 2020, 03:33:01 PM EDT, Linda Eucalyptus via pbs 

 Made me laugh, Jane. We don't seem to have them here. Too warm in
 Winter? And I always thought they were so lovely stretched out in
 zillions in a meadow... 

 Lin in Santa Cruz

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 > Spanish bluebells. They grow here in Massachusetts nicely, without
spreading unnecessarily. I was reading about them. The most invasive
of them are the ones that have hybridized with English bluebells
(non-scripta.) Perhaps these two plants should not be planted near
each other.
 > They are very poisonous, including the bulb, packed with cardiac
glycosides. I am considering planting them around tulips to deter
voles. one little nibble and it's Xs for eyes.
 > Jane S
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