pbs Digest, Vol 38, Issue 8

Brian Whyer via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Thu, 09 Apr 2020 06:15:50 PDT
 Hi. Here in the SE UK it seems to flower in late May for me, but after an almost frost free but very wet winter it is wait and see this year. It is "spring" flowering in the wild. I bought mine some years back and it seeded and gently spread. I was quite surprised when I moved it last year to a sunnier bed that the group were almost all runners and that the seed apparently came to nothing, at least when self sown. It has nodules on the root system which are presumably nitrogen fixing. It seems to have yellower leaves this year but I have very chalky soil so may need some sequestrene.
Brian Whyer, SE UK
    On Thursday, 9 April 2020, 13:22:13 BST, Jonathan Knisely <jpsknisely@gmail.com> wrote:  
>    3. Pasithea caerulea (Rimmer deVries)

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