Hot Pots

Jim Foster via pbs
Tue, 28 Apr 2020 10:59:56 PDT
I lived in Modesto for 18 years and there I had all kinds of heat 
problems with things in pots and it took me a while before I realized 
that.  Even hardy cactus suffered.  I now live in Santa Barbara and it 
hardly ever gets above 90 maybe twice a year and then only for a few 
days.  I generally water the pots the day before the anticipated heat 
then right afterward.  I also grouped the pots so only the most hardy 
had the pot sides exposed.  Last year I made a raised bed and stuck most 
of my potted bulbs there and they are so much happier.  The Lobelia is 
volunteer and we have clumps all over our garden which provide a bright 
splash of color although I do have to be diligent about weeding them out 
in certain areas.  As you can see my Brunsvigia bosmaniae are going 
dormant the B. Josephinae will be next

Last year I had my large B. Josephinae which is in the ground in another 
place flowered and I pollinated it and got about 20 seed which I shared 
with my local friends but I hope to be sharing next year's crop with 
Society members long with whatever else I can succeed in pollinating.

We do live in interesting times. I hope all of you stay well.

Jim Foster

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