Please ID this (perhaps South African bed ) escapee

Mary Sue Ittner via pbs
Wed, 29 Apr 2020 06:28:47 PDT
It does look just like Ornithogalum saundersiae, but that is a summer 
rainfall speciesĀ  that flowers in summer in the wild and it just seems 
unlikely that it would do well in Berkeley and be flowering now, but who 
knows. I sometimes have better luck with summer rainfall African 
amaryllids than winter ones and this has been a very dry year in 
Northern California. Here is the iNaturalist link for plants in the wild:…

In the trade you often find bulbs labeled as Ornithogalum dubium in 
various colors including white that are gorgeous, but they usually have 
a blotch. I've not found them easy to keep going year after year alas. 
And I know that South Africans who wanted to sell them as cut flowers 
had the same problem.

I don't think it looks at all like the dreaded (the word I always add to 
this) Nothoscordum gracile at all. If that appears in any pot, it is 
always search and destroy the soil. That is probably what Nan has, not 
what Linda has.…

I think you should just feel lucky to have it and enjoy it.

Mary Sue

On 4/28/2020 4:57 PM, Linda Press Wulf via pbs wrote:
> This white beauty popped up where I never planted it. Is it an escapee from my South African bed?
> Linda Press Wulf
> Berkeley in Northern California
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