Weed torch/snail robot (was Herbicides)

David Pilling david@davidpilling.com
Sat, 01 Feb 2020 10:48:21 PST
Hi Jan,

On 01/02/2020 18:26, Jan Jeddeloh wrote:
> Can we talk about the “herbicide” known as a propane weed torch?  Has anyone used one of these things?

I've used one. Works best on dry material. Takes time - stuff does not 
just combust. Get too close and the flame goes out. Things grow back.
Useful but not magic.

Comments against the soggy background of NW England, where it is rare to 
have 24 hours without rain.

On Martin's comment, Raspberry Pi, Robot arm, and one of the computer 
vision packages - snail picker - surely doable.

David Pilling
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