Gethyllys import /season jet lag

Tue, 18 Feb 2020 08:34:48 PST
I prefer to let wintergrowing bulbs from South Africa arrive (in 
Holland) in february/march, just before the SA growing season starts, as 
I have the experience they adapt easier while in growth then while 
dormant. I keep them as cool as possible but make their first season 
short. If possible (not too cold) I keep them outside from start. In 
June I move them in the hot greenhouse and stop watering to force them 
into dormancy. Then in autumn i start watering them late (end october, 
so a 6 weeks later then all other wintergrowers). This proved for me the 
way with best success, however, for sure it won't work at all times. 
Seeds are by far preferable, but Gethyllis are hardly offered as seed 
since they must be sown very fresh.

Good luck,


On 18-Feb-20 17:00, Andrea Cattabriga wrote:

> I kindly ask if anyone from the Northern Hemisphere is familiar with
> importing bulbs from South Africa at this time. I am waiting for some 2-3
> year old Gethyllys which, presumably had to enter in vegetation within a
> month. In the past I have already lost some plants even if they were very
> young bulbs, just one year old. If there is any practice to ensure their
> survival (for example: short day lighting with LED lights) I will be really
> grateful.
> Reagrds
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