Robin Hansen
Sun, 09 Feb 2020 12:03:29 PST
Good Morning,


The Pacific Bulb Society is now accepting applications for a seed and bulb
exchange director.  This person will also be a member of the Board of
Directors of PBS.  We are asking that not only those interested in that
position respond directly to me, Robin Hansen, President, at but also those interested in helping the SX/BX
director who would be in a position to occasionally step in for the
director.  This is a job which will require receiving donations, sorting,
packing individual packets of seed and bulbs and shipping them out to
members a minimum of four times a year.  PBS has an internet mailing account
which makes the shipping process much easier.


The position will require a resume submitted to the board including
information about prior experience with plants, computer skills, etc.
Please email me for a job description.   Feel free to contact me directly
with any and all questions about the position.  Please be aware that the PBS
Board is establishing procedures those involved with the exchange will need
to follow in order to provide a fair and equitable opportunity for all
members to receive bulbs and seeds,and this position(s) will require working
closely with Arnold Trachtenberg, the Board Treasurer.  A familiarity with
Excel spreadsheets is essential (Microsoft based).  Estimates of time
required are difficult to estimate at this time, but time involved will be
in relatively short blocks on a periodic basis so organizational skills will
be important as often, seeds and bulbs can be viable for shorter periods of
time than normal and must be shipped as soon as possible after receipt.


As a member of the Board, you will be attending by conference call a meeting
on a quarterly basis, or four times a year and will be asked to give a
report, as are all other board members.  As all of you know, this position
is very important to PBS members because unlike other plant societies we try
very hard to make available many genera and species of bulbs that are
available nowhere else and do it in such a way that as donations come in,
they are immediately dispersed to members requesting them, unlike other
societies who only send out seeds once a year.


Furthermore, members provide an incredible wealth of information about
growing the items available on the exchanges.


We, as members of this society, are all anxiously awaiting the next bulb and
seed exchange and hope you will consider volunteering for this important
position.  Again, don't hesitate to contact me with any and all questions at !




Robin Hansen

President, Pacific Bulb Society


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