February 2020 International Rock Gardener issue 122

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  International Rock Gardener - IRG 122 February 2020  - free 
e-magazine  from SRGC

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Sjaak de Groot & Ben Zonneveld describe two new tulip species from the 
Altai mountains in Kazakhstan, named for Anna Ivaschenko and  Diana 
Everett.           John and Anita Watson write more  about the  flora of 
South America and describe a new rosulate viola species.  Finally, 
Frazer Henderson shares a suite of photographs, as an “extra”  to his 
article on the Tien Shan which was recently published  in the  Rock 
Garden 144, print  journal of  SRGC. (The Rock Garden, published twice  
a year, is only  available to full SRGC Members)


M. Young

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