James SHIELDS jshields46074@gmail.com
Sun, 02 Feb 2020 14:48:34 PST
Tim Eck
Jan 24, 2020, 6:37 PM (9 days ago)
"Can anybody suggest a good pre-emergent herbicide that is safe to use on
amaryllids? ..."

To address the original question, I have in the distant past (30 - 40 years
ago) grown Crinum, Hymenocallis, and Ismene on a annual basis, planting the
bulbs outdoors in early summer and digging them up again in early autumn.
Some years I used pre-emergent herbicides of various sorts on the beds once
planted, other years I did not.  These bulbs were all planted totally below
the surface, and they pulled themselves deeper during the growing season.
As far as I can now recall, I never noticed any effects of the
pre-emergents on the plants.  Some years they nearly completely prevented
grasses and weeds, other years less so.

I also sometimes used them on beds of young daylily seedlings.  These
seedlings were started indoors under lights during winter and transplanted
outdoors into their semi-permanent beds in early summer.  After planting
outdoors, the pre-emergents were applied, at the lower range of possible
dosages, and at least partially suppressed grasses and weeds without
killing the daylily seedlings.  I no longer have any detailed notes on
materials used, dosages, or procedures used.

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