Incinerating Weeds

Judy Glattstein
Sun, 02 Feb 2020 06:25:31 PST
I have a Flaming Dragon propane weed torch. Back in 2018 I wrote an 
entry for my web site on coping with weeds, see here:… 
As has been mentioned it it good for weeds growing in gravel, in 
crevices, and similar sites.

Another useful method was when I had WWOOFers - world wide opportunity 
on organic farms. You provide room and board for a week or so, they 
provide several hours / day of work. They could weed, safely, if I 
provided samples of what was wanted to be removed. As an aside - we 
would also go visit gardens, an apiary, the autumn fleece and fiber 
event, whatever, depending on their interests. Usually very nice young 
adults. I stopped because the interest seems to be trending more towards 
AirB&B on a beach on Maui

At one point I also had the BelleWood Gardens Gardening School. Limit to 
6 students at a time, first we'd talk then apply as a practicum. And 
yes, weeding was a popular topic. Sort of Tom Sawyer-ish. And they paid 
for the classes.

Now it is just me. It is disposing of weeds that can be a secondary 
problem. My neighbors sheep do eat multiflora rose shoots, really like 
garlic mustard (which I eat too, but there are more sheep than what I 
can eat).

If I ever win the lottery (which is unlikely since I do not buy chances) 
I'd fund research not on a deer repellent but a deer attractant. Spray 
it on the weeds and let Bambi and family things clean up.

Judy in New Jersey on Imbolc, mid-point between winter solstice and 
spring equinox, where Galanthus nivalis 'Atksinii' and Helleborus x 
ericsmithii are in bloom
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