Gethyllys import /season jet lag

Kipp McMichael
Tue, 18 Feb 2020 08:14:41 PST

  I have grown imported Gethyllis seedlings successfully - but this is a challenging genus and seedling losses are to be expected.

  I grow in Berkeley where the climate is mild even in summer. Bulbs arriving from the southern hemisphere are planted and placed on the north side of my house where I water them and try to create a "late winter" for them until June or July.

  I then stop watering and let the bulbs go dormant again - the hope is for the bulbs to be ready to start growth again in the fall.

  Sometimes seedlings do not go dormant and stay green through the next fall/winter. Either way, the seedlings are usually synched to northern seasons after that first year.

  Also note: Gethyllis will skip years so don't give up on a seedling/pot after only one missed growth season.

Good luck!
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I kindly ask if anyone from the Northern Hemisphere is familiar with
importing bulbs from South Africa at this time. I am waiting for some 2-3
year old Gethyllys which, presumably had to enter in vegetation within a
month. In the past I have already lost some plants even if they were very
young bulbs, just one year old. If there is any practice to ensure their
survival (for example: short day lighting with LED lights) I will be really


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