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So almost 2 years after first announcement who or what is holding back the publication of that book by Raul Lara Rico. Why is not possible to publish it online for everyone as promised? I don't mind if there are errors that needs to be corrected. Never seen a publication that didn't contain errors or updates afterwards.


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Although the monograph on Hippeastrum in Bolivia that we hope to publish someday is by Raul Lara Rico, a senior botanist of that country, that species named in his honor apparently doesn't come from Bolivia, and the other Luca mentions is almost certainly from Argentina. So, sorry, I don't have this information.

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The discussion on Hippeastrum reminds me to post an update on the PBS publication initiative, "The Genus Hippeastrum in Bolivia," by Raul Lara Rico et al. The reviewed and amended translation is now ready for the next phase, formatting it as a pdf with its maps and photos. We are searching for an experienced person to do this for a reasonable fee. If you are, or know of, such a person and have time to do this, completing it by next fall, please write directly to me and I will send details.

Our current plan is to post the completed work online, and if possible to have a short run of bound copies produced to provide to the authors and for sale.


Jane McGary
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