Sending seeds ourside the United States

Bill Richardson via pbs
Wed, 10 Jun 2020 17:58:42 PDT
Hi George, Paul et al,
I had the same problem here in Australia when ordering seed from New
Zealand. I received a message from our quarantine saying that they would not
accept  seeds marked "Lillium hybrid", they had to be identified with a
species name. That is because not all species are allowed into Australia and
this is the only method quarantine use to identify plants.
When I contacted the club in New Zealand, they informed me that they could
not possibly identify the parents of any hybrids. Moreso, they were not
interested, nor about to take on this task anyway. So, I didn't get my
Since then, I have always requested that all seed packets show  parents of
the hybrids. Thus, you have to choose carefully when ordering from o/s,
otherwise it can be a very expensive exercise.
Even though I rang our quarantine dept. and argued the point, they said
"rules are rules"
Although I was disappointed, I do support Australian quarantine regime 100%.
By going into their website, you can easily find which species are allowed
into your country.
Bill Richardson,
Gippsland Australia.

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Hi George,
Yes, New Zealand and Australia do have strict requirements for seed
Some seeds are not allowed as they are considered noxious weeds!
Check those individual countries Dept. of Agriculture to see their
When running the North American Lily Society seed exchange for 11 years
we only had one issue with Australia because a packet of lily seed did not
say "Lilium"
on it. Even though the packet did say "hybrid trumpet lily" they would not
let it pass.
Requirements are getting more restrictive each year both importing and
exporting seeds!
Hope this helps!
All the best,
Paul Machado

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> There are special requirements to send seed to Australia.
> Greg Ruckert
> Elite Bulbs
> On 11/06/2020 8:12 am, George Goldsmith via pbs wrote:
> > Is there literature that describes the requirements and process for
> sending seeds from the United States to other countries?  I seem to recall
> a discussion last year or so about some of the difficulties of sending or
> receiving seeds - or of the seeds getting through customs - but I don't
> remember the process being laid out.
> >
> > Thanks to any and all who might provide some information.
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