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Jane McGary via pbs
Tue, 30 Jun 2020 11:03:51 PDT
Hi Robin,

I just forwarded an email from Tony Avent about a 2022 symposium he's 
organizing. It would be a good thing for PBS to participate in.

Well, I see "Yoli," whoever that is, just condemned me to hell, which is 
no less than I expected. Probably somebody who never lived in the 
country! Thank you for your words of moderation.

I'm sorry to hear about the plantar fasciitis. My brother had it once, 
very painful, and it seems to be slow to heal. Can they give you 
cortisone for it?

When I was editing the Rock Garden Quarterly I asked a member who is an 
orthopedic surgeon if she could write an article on coping with garden 
injuries, but she never got around to it. Maybe Terry Laskiewicz could 
write one. She's a recently retired physician who worked for a long time 
in Kaiser's Occupational Medicine rehabilitation clinic, and she has 
plenty of physical challenges herself in dealing with her huge garden.

I started falling apart before I got to 70 (turning 73 this weekend), 
and the first strike was a gardening injury: I was trying to hold down a 
hose reel with one foot, it flipped over sideways and took my leg with 
it, torn ACL, no immediate treatment (thanks, Primary Care Physician), 
and since then my fibula has a tendency to dislocate and lockĀ  up my 
leg. Then after buying this place I built a big tufa rock garden and 
lost all the cartilage in my left shoulder. Left knee is already bone on 
bone too. Now I can't prune overhead (tree service cutting back the 
wisteria, $479) and have to work on the steep areas with great caution. 
It's maddening not to be able to hike to see wild plants.

Best regards,


On 6/30/2020 8:04 AM, Robin Hansen via pbs wrote:
> Ok, folks, time to change topics and help me out with articles on rare and
> unusual bulbs for future Bulb Gardens. Due to some medical issues, I've been
> slowed up a bit and would appreciate any help. My friend jokingly said
> something about when reaching 70, it seems like we start to fall apart.
> Well, I'm basically in good health, but the latest is plantar fasciitis.
> Have you ever tried to garden with that going on, no matter how temporarily?
> Even an article on coping with physical issues while gardening would be
> great, or a bunch of comments I can put together into an article. You folks
> are all so knowledgeable and creative that I know you have information we
> can all use.
> I'm grateful to the daily discussions so keep them up, but please stick to
> mostly bulbs, ok?
> Many thanks to all of you.
> Robin Hansen
> President, PBS
> Hansen Nursery
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