Bletilla finally flowered

Brian Whyer via pbs
Tue, 30 Jun 2020 11:16:31 PDT
They grow and flower each year here, (SE UK). A neighbour has a patch of 
the normal pink/magenta colour; mine in largish pots are the white 
variegated form. They spread quite a lot unless contained, and always 
end up round the edge of pots. More or less full sun for much of the 

Brian Whyer.

I have a patch of white Bletilla striata flowering which surprised me 
because I’ve never had flowers before and forgot I had planted them.
   I planted them in 2011, probably from a colourful package from 
  I wonder what made them decide to flower.
Diane Whitehead        Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
cool mediterranean climate  warm dry summers, mild wet winters  70 cm 
rain,   sandy soil

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