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Robin Hansen via pbs
Tue, 30 Jun 2020 08:04:09 PDT
Ok, folks, time to change topics and help me out with articles on rare and
unusual bulbs for future Bulb Gardens. Due to some medical issues, I've been
slowed up a bit and would appreciate any help. My friend jokingly said
something about when reaching 70, it seems like we start to fall apart.
Well, I'm basically in good health, but the latest is plantar fasciitis.
Have you ever tried to garden with that going on, no matter how temporarily?


Even an article on coping with physical issues while gardening would be
great, or a bunch of comments I can put together into an article. You folks
are all so knowledgeable and creative that I know you have information we
can all use.


I'm grateful to the daily discussions so keep them up, but please stick to
mostly bulbs, ok?


Many thanks to all of you.


Robin Hansen

President, PBS


Hansen Nursery


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