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I was going to say that if you start talking about health problems, that
thread could propagate indefinitely with the average age of pbs members.
My plantar fasciitis experiences are legion; and at the risk of
mansplaining, I will impart the little knowledge I have gleaned.
First, they usually give you two options - physical therapy or cortisone
shots. The physical therapy generally does nothing although you can acquire
a bunch of large colorful rubber bands used for various stretching
exercises.  They will tell you the cortisone shots don't hurt too much and
that may be true for some people...  After wasting a couple months on
physical therapy, I agreed to the shots (a series of two, about a week or
two apart).  Now, if you can recall the way a dentist inserts the novocain
needle and partially withdraws it and sort of fishes around, injecting a
little here and a little there, it's sort of like that but everything's
about ten times as big.  So, after the first shot, I was substantially less
gullible but realized in two weeks it would happen again.  At this point, I
told my PCP that I needed something to give me a substantially altered
state of mind for the second shot and he prescribed xanax which may have
helped but I slept for 20 hours afterwards, which isn't unusual.
The single most useful bit of knowledge I got from the podiatrist was the
actual nature of the injury. I had been doing some logging which involved
jumping down from my tractor and climbing back up over and over and I
assumed it was due to a sort of crush injury but this was not the case.
The actual injury was a tension injury of the plantar fascia from
landing on the ball/toe which violently stretched the plantar fascia.  Now,
I avoid anything that stretches the plantar fascia violently but
periodically stretch it slowly while resting on the bed.  The rubber bands
are pretty useless for this but I found a nylon strap that fits as a loop
over my shoulders down to my foot so I can stretch it for ten minutes
without using muscle strength.
Good luck.  Life is tough when you have to regret every step you take.

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> I'm sorry that my private email to Robin Hansen ended up sent to the
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> I apologize if I have exacerbated a discussion that was bound to be
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