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I do know that but I'm not about to shoot them (no guns allowed here)  nor poison them for fear of hurting our predatory birds.  I assume the law dates from when some idiot hunters brought up raccoons from the south, one or more that had rabies,  that introduced rabies into our NY raccoon populations.  So I do get why we have the law but its purpose may be outdated by now as rabies is endemic at this point in NY raccoons.  I never take them that kind of distance anyway, not beyond 20 or so miles tops so no spreading whatever they may have much beyond local populations.  Now if there was a gentler and safe way to euthanize the destructive ones I might reconsider (I'm not an expert on how to do so), but sometimes none of the options available are really great options.  It would be so nice if they just respected property boundaries and didn't crap on the edge of the pool for added insult, lol. Now an animal that I would like to see euthanized a lot more often would be the deer, they destroy not just gardens but also native wildflowers.  Good luck finding a wild trillium in a Westchester County NY woodland that isnt fenced or otherwise protected from the ravages of Bambi and friends.  In this county only bows can be used and only if houses are a certain distance from each other (immediately disqualifies most of the county's residences) and if all neighbors agree.   Sounds terrible but I hope that the emerging Chronic Wasting prion disease does a better job of controlling the deer population than the various inattentive state and local governments have done. But it may already be too late for vast populations of choice wildflowers like trilliums, lilies, and cypripediums in many areas. Ernie

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FWIW: trapping and then relocating racoons in New York is illegal. The law
states that they should be euthanized.

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