Lilies and cats

Jim McKenney via pbs
Sun, 28 Jun 2020 09:21:44 PDT
 Leo wrote "The quail population dropped drastically once the cat feeding began. I would see families with large numbers of chicks, then the next day two, then no more families."
This reminded me of two things from my past. Sixty years ago, when my parents bought the house I now live in, we had native bob white quail in the adjacent woods. One day my dog and I were hiking in back of the house, and there was this sudden burst of sound around us: evidently we had disturbed a covey of quail. Now we have cats.And about twenty years ago I was in Bangalore, India for several months. On my lunchtime I would often take walks through the surrounding neighborhoods. These neighborhoods were extremely crowded; where there were not buildings there were often cardboard shelters. One day I spotted a sow trailed by six piglets making her way through the clutter everywhere. You might think that a pig in Bangalore, given the Muslim and vegetarian citizens, might have a good life. I saw them a day later, but this time there were only five piglets. The next day there were four, and soon there were none. Leopards are known to enter cities in south Asia, but I think the cats in this case were the two-legged sort. Jim McKenney


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