Checking California bulb species

Robin Hansen via pbs
Sat, 06 Jun 2020 15:49:34 PDT

"""" I live in Southern California and the California native bulbs listed are very hard to find for sale. They also have a reputation for being very difficult to grow in general and my experience is the same.  To say they are “too easy to grow” is a big surprise to me.’’’’’

I grow a few of them and list them in the catalog, but I never thought about these native bulbs as being especially rare...nor as being especially difficult to grow. I must be asleep at the switch! The trits and others do show up from time to time in our seed and bulb exchanges, more likely seed than bulb if I recall correctly. Contact me privately for further availability. I'm not in a position to donate any quantities to the exchange now. Other than Telos Rare Bulbs, does anyone know of any reliable sources for these bulbs?

Robin Hansen

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