Calochortus hybrid

Mary Sue Ittner via pbs
Sat, 06 Jun 2020 20:12:24 PDT
Although it has been a fabulous year for most of my bulbs, this has not 
been true of my Calochortus. The ones I grow have been slowly dwindling, 
but the ones that are left usually do better in a wet year. The only 
ones to flower so far have been Calochortus uniflorus, Calochortus 
catalinae, and Calochortus vestae. That is until today when the attached 
showed up. I remembered once before having a Calochortus that didn't 
look like any others I grow so looked through my photos and found it 
flowered in 2011, but not since. I'll attach it too for comparison. 
Calochortus fans, what do we think could be its parentage? Kipp, Bob 
Werra, Mike Mace? Others?

It's a much smaller flower than Calochortus vestae that is flowering 
close to it in my large wooden bed labeled "Mariposa hybrids" which is 
what Jim Robinett used to call ones he sold that were open pollinated.

Mary Sue

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