List photos (was Sinningia)

David Pilling via pbs
Fri, 26 Jun 2020 05:07:18 PDT

On 26/06/2020 12:26, Tony Avent via pbs wrote:
> It must be something, since this is the only group that ever fails to show attachements.

Search for the word "scrubbed" and click on the nearby link.

Photos may not just automagically appear. Might depend on your email 
software settings.

If anyone knows of a better piece of software than "mailman" for running 
the list on let me know.

(But there are constraints, like not handing over all the posted 
material to some other entity. A forum would change the dynamic).

I could configure the list differently. If anyone belongs to the 
gesneriads group... they use the same software but have it set up 
differently which makes photos behave differently.

With different configurations there are winners and losers.

David Pilling
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