Sowing Tigridia pavonia seeds

Garak via pbs
Tue, 09 Jun 2020 07:37:09 PDT
Hi George,

Tigridia pavonia usually is a summer grower. In my continental zone 7 I 
tend to sow them in March indoors, which leaves them a small chance of a 
first flower  in September. But actually they only start requiring the 
rest after their first flower, so you can sow now and just keep them 
growing. On the other hand, even seedlings are very tolerant of lifting 
and dry storage.
While in flower, T. pavonia will need plenty of water - I'm not sure if 
you can trick them into winter growing for California, but it may be 
worth a try. The seed itself takes 3-4 weeks to germinate and will not 
like to dry out during this phase. For me, they are not picky about 
sowing mix, but the pot shouldn't be too shallow as Tigridias tend to 
pull themselves down.

hope that helps.


Am 09.06.2020 um 01:51 schrieb George Goldsmith via pbs:
> I recently received Tigridia pavonia seeds through the BX.  Can anyone provide guidance about sowing these?  Should I wait until the fall to sow?  What characteristics of the sowing mix are important?  Thanks in advance.
> George Goldsmith
> Diamond Bar, CA
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