when to sow Herbertia lahue seeds

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Sun, 28 Jun 2020 13:40:31 PDT
Since you all were so helpful with my Boophone question, here is my next

Herberia lahue has been a challenge for me to grow. Actually, several other
South American species have also not thrived the way my South African
species do. In particular, Of all the Herberia I acquired, as seed or bulb,
only one has thrived. It has two seed pods. One is ripe now and one is
green, far from ripe. The wiki says to plant the seed in spring. Is that
for lack of cold? Or dependent on light? I have had these pods ripen as
late as July. Would that then mean it is advised to delay planting til the
next spring?

I also notice a resemblance of the seed pod shape to that of my two
Gelasine species. Their pods are still green.

To follow up on the Boophone story: I decided on a pot rather than
in-ground since suitable locations are all slated for digging up within the
next year. And I decided against the pot for which I intended this bulb
since it would get too hot (dark glaze in full sun). I purchased a 12" tall
narrow terracotta pot which I will move with the seasons as Ken suggests.
When this bulb gets bigger, and I have a stable place in open soil for it,
I will let it run its roots. This 1 inch diameter baby bulb looks lost in
the big pot but I get the impression Boophone are like goldfish that grow
to the size of their pond.

Santa Barbara
where we had a rare summer rain this morning, 0.01 inch.
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