The Wretched Deer Ate Some Cannas!

Linda M Foulis via pbs
Tue, 23 Jun 2020 17:38:11 PDT
It has been my experience that deer will eat what ever they want, whenever
they want.  Nothing deters them.  I'm surprised I don't have deer issues
where I live now, there are deer everywhere.  It may be due to the large
dogs that live on the property, or the coyotes?  

I tried everything known to man to deter the deer when I lived in Okotoks,
nothing worked.  
Good luck Judy.   They may never touch them again or come back on a regular
basis knowing where the good eats are.  The sprays, soaps, fences did not
work for me.

I do enjoy the moose visitors in the winter though, they eat my willows.  


Leslieville, AB
Zone 2 ish

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