An amaryllis family puzzle

David Pilling via pbs
Sat, 20 Jun 2020 11:59:51 PDT

More from the person who asked:

"Thank you for your suggestion.   I googled C. obliquus and it appears 
to have quite a few flowers that become pendulous on moderately long 
pedicels,  This contrasts with my specimen which has only a few flowers 
(4 or 6 per plant) which I think remain upright on very short pedicels 
although I cannot be sure about this since the flowers were bitten off 
in their youth.   Also its leaves do not appear to form a tight 
distichous, basal fan as my plants do.  This leaf arrangement is my 
plant's most distinctive feature.   It is very unfortunate that deer 
discovered this plant just before it was about to open its flowers.  I 
am now thinking of ways to protect the plant other than a vertical cage 
which would probably be unacceptable  to my condo's council.  Any 
suggestions in this regard?  I live in Victoria, B.C,  Many thanks for 
your efforts so far.   William "

David Pilling
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